Hey Girl, Make Sure You Vote!

I don’t engage in political talk unless I can have a civil conversation with someone about my views, whether they agree or not. That has proven to be difficult in this election so, I’m here today with just a simple PSA: GO OUT AND VOTE TOMORROW.

Voting is an important political right, and it’s also the most hard-won right that many have fought and died for. So, while yes, this election has been horrible and entertaining at times, please don’t be a part of the few who have said they won’t vote at all. There are many who die for the opportunity to vote because there isn’t a single issue in American politics today that doesn’t affect everyone living in the U.S. 

I also urge Hispanics, who are eligible to vote, to get to the polls. Latinos represent a major voting bloc, especially millennials. And if you’re a woman, por Dios, let’s honor Susan B. Anthony and every woman who came before us and fought for our right to cast our ballots (Thanks Suzie, you da real MVP!).

I’ll put the PSA megaphone down now but if you’re interested, I wrote a blog post eight years ago, the morning after President Obama was elected. I came across my old blog and laughed at how horrible my writing was. But today, I’m feeling the same way I felt on November 5, 2008 – expectant, optimistic, and proud that we have the option to elect someone other than a white male. Man, what a time to be alive!

Jessica Martinez