4 Ways to Maximize Your Mental Health Day

Sometimes a girl needs to take a mental health day to catch a break from it all. Regardless of your commitment to your career and family, it’s vital to step back from time to time and be a little selfish to improve your well-being.

As women constantly on the go, taking a mental health day might sound far-fetched or even impossible, but it’s worth mentioning that sometimes taking a break could be the very thing we need to improve our productivity.

I’m a fan of mental health days for many reasons but one being that I spend the majority of my waking hours at work. My coworkers and boss see me more than my friends and family so calling out for a day doesn’t make me feel guilty – not one bit. The other reason is I know what stress and severe anxiety can do to my mental health as well as my body. So once I feel that I’m going to burn out, I deal by giving myself an entire day.

But instead of lounging around watching Hulu and eating all day, I make the day count. Here are suggestions to make the most of your next personal day, guilt-free!

1. Switch up your morning. Instead of running out the door and chugging down your coffee, sit to enjoy breakfast, go for a morning run, catch up on morning news without the rush or begin the day by not thinking about your tedious to-do lists. Be present and do something you normally never have time to do.

2. Treat yourself. This may not be the most conventional thing to do when taking a day off, but if you’re able to fund and squeeze in time to get a facial, a blowout, massage or even a pedicure, do it. However, treating yourself doesn’t have to equal dollar signs, because it’s the little things, right?

3. Reprioritize. This might be just me, or not, but when I’ve taken personal days it’s usually because I’m a. stressed, or b. craving change – major change in some aspect or another. So, I make it a point to not let the day slip away without reflecting and/or writing out an action plan about the one thing I’m seeking to improve or change. Doing this removes everything that’s clouding my mind and shifts my perspective.

4. Get outside. Being outdoors does wonders to your mental health and chances are you probably work in a cubicle with limited access to a scenic window view. So get out and enjoy – you’ll realize life should be more than the daily grind we give the majority of our time to!

Jessica Martinez