Are we Connecting?

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I posted anything on here so it’s good to be back. I’m writing this from my favorite little corner inside my favorite coffee shop, after days of having friends ask why I haven’t posted anything in weeks.

Truth is, December was a busy month all around and the only free time I had was spent on other equally important things. But to be real, I was stuck on topics to write about because I care about quality content, not quantity. More importantly, I care about relating to you – you single or married girl, believer or non-believer, whether you’re looking for encouragement or you seemingly have it all – because I care too much to post for the sake of posting.

So that’s what brings me to write this because I have confession: I don’t feel like I’m connecting with you, the reader. Perhaps it’s my self-doubt or ability to believe that my writing can have an impact on anyone. Remember how I confessed, in my about section, that I was scared no one would read my blog beyond the about section itself? Well it’s been three months and I still feel the same. I don’t write this to get pity or make you feel obligated to share, comment or like my content. I’m simply putting my feelings out there and it’s *scary* and even kind of *embarrassing* doing so.

Funny thing is, I set out to launch this site because I wanted to elevate conversations about issues that women deal with and focus on the things we’re oftentimes afraid to converse about. During the last three months, I’ve received feedback from many who have understood the heart of posts I’ve written, they just get it.

One post in particular allowed me to connect with an old friend because she found comfort in what she read. It’s those moments when I realize that yes, I have a voice, my content has substance, and it makes writing this blog worth it. But then there are moments when I can hear crickets after publishing a piece that I’ve poured my heart into. It’s those precise moments when I wonder if honest and raw writing even matters.

You should know this about me: I’m a writer, have always been. As a former reporter, PR girl and Journalism major, I know what it’s like to write tirelessly only to have a piece or article heavily edited or better yet, rejected. I thrive on that because it’s what has made me a better writer, even now professionally and personally.  I’m used to hearing crickets, but this site is different. It’s my creative outlet and I just want to inspire.

So going forward, I’ll write and create out of my own interests but I’ll also take into account what you want to read. I heard from several of you that the Q&A posts and those on relationships (or lack of, let’s be real) have been great reads so I’ll keep that in mind but it won’t be the sole purpose of this site – after all, I don’t want you guys thinking I’m a lonely, cat-obsessed girl...I'm far from it actually!

So there you have it, my “does-anyone-care-what-I-write?” confession. I’m back now, so while I won’t post all day, every day, do check back often for fresh content!

Happy new year gal pal, sending you all my love and best wishes for 2017. 

Jessica Martinez