Challenges in Transition

There’s a space between two points, in any given situation, where we often experience uncertainty and freight. It’s the moment of transit between starting and finishing, departing and arriving, preparing and coming to fruition, or even losing and starting again. Sometimes, it’s a space we wouldn’t want to be in, if given a choice.

If you’ve experienced life-changing transition, then you know the space between two points is meant to be a process, not an event. While this space or moment may be a negative life situation, it doesn’t have to be so adverse. You may enter this space if you’re ready to expand outside of the dimensions you’re confined to or if you find yourself on the brink of something great.

If that’s your case, you should know that transition will require you to be strategically positioned in order to access the things you probably could never have, if you decide to stay in the same place.

If you’re like me, transition in your life can be messy, ugly and it can make you quite desperate and impatient. So, in the spirit of keeping it real with you – because I don’t want to lie and tell you that transition means walking on clouds among unicorns, puppies and rainbows – below are some of the challenges that come along with being in transit to something much greater:

You’ll be in the “space between.” In this space, you’re not where you were and you’re not where you want to be, either. That doesn’t sound so encouraging, I know!  But in the midst of uncertainty, take this time to realize that sometimes it’s an advantage to be in disadvantage because those moments are the ones where God shows up and shows off.

You’ll have to pack light. Let go of people and things that hold you back because not everyone deserves to be a part of your transition phase. Transition will be a roller coaster of removing and replacing your negative attitude, mindset, circumstance, relationships and anything else that will keep you from being fully prepared to access the very thing you’re in transition towards.

You’ll become humble. Sometimes you have to hit rock-bottom until you’re out of the “space between.” Unfortunately, this only happens when you release your grasp from things you think you have control over. In other words, transition become a tiny bit easier when you acknowledge that you’re too broken to handle this period on your own.

Grit will be required. Grit is having perseverance and stamina in the face of opposition. It’s this type of resilience that will enable you to avoid the pitfalls of defeat, doubt and fear during transition. If it seems that grit is an innate virtue that people are born with, know that that isn’t the case. Grit is often developed, when given no choice but to push your way through the space between.

Transition will always occur. Sometimes it will feel like a tiny ripple in your life, and other times it will feel like a massive wave. But despite the challenges you may face, I encourage you to remain anchored because there’s great reward in pushing through the process. 

Jessica MartinezComment