Compromising What You Stand For

Ever feel like it’s easy to compromise your personal convictions at times? It’s alright to admit because we can’t always have it all together. Plus, we live in a fallen and morally confused world – so it’s tough to say the least.  

Personal convictions are solid beliefs that determine our lifestyle, choices and everything we stand for. I know this all too well but yet, I’ve compromised what I stand for many times.

Those moments have varied but generally, compromise looks a lot like self-satisfaction and less like an urgent sense to change my condition. It also looks like discovered curiosity for things, people and places I shouldn’t be involved in and with. And it definitely looks like hesitation to embrace temptation, but going for it anyway.


Through time, I have come to understand that no moment of failure is above redemption (because of sweet grace) but I’ve also learned that compromising my convictions can bring about the worst consequences. Sure, I haven’t committed unspeakable atrocities but I have definitely blurred the lines between my convictions and curiosities, temptations, and need for self-satisfaction.

For a while, this meant engaging in an emotional and physical relationship with someone who didn’t share any of my same values. Compromising also meant choosing to push boundaries with people who shouldn’t have been in my life to begin with, only to end up hurt. But lately, compromising means there are moments when I’m hurtful and unkind with my words toward others, although kindness is something I highly value. The list goes on but let me ease you into my not-so-pretty-and-filtered world one post at a time…I can’t lay it out all at once! 

What I can tell you is that in those compromising moments, I never forgot what I stood for or what my convictions were rooted in, I just chose to disregard them. I never thought about knowing better or behaving differently until after I got what I wanted physically or after I spewed nasty words that translated into verbal abuse toward someone. But that’s the thing, after is too late to react. It’s too late to change your mind and take back what was said and done.

So what’s a girl to do after compromising what she stands for?

Well to begin, you have to know that redemption awaits in those after moments. Once we acknowledge that we’re prone to fail regardless of our best efforts not to, and that we’re in need of God to pull through – that’s when our intentions can be realigned and convictions restored.

So when the weight of guilt wants to overbear the power of the cross, know that His grace is sufficient for you in your weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). If you understand this, then remember that failure to uphold your beliefs doesn’t disqualify you from grace, but instead places you in the perfect position to rely on Him to stand firm again. 

What have you compromised? How did you deal? It's so powerful when we tell our stories so feel free to share - no judgments here! 

Jessica MartinezComment